* Software Overview

January 31, 2024 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Club Organiser, has been specifically designed and developed as software for British Swimming Clubs, offering multi Aquatic disciplines. We've also added a full Learn To Swim sub database for clubs offering lessons and swim schools to use (can be switched off if your club doesn't run lessons), as well as an altered version of the software specifically for Diving Clubs (board diving, not Scuba).

 For more details of all features, please go to www.cluborganiser.co.uk and click on 'Features' on the header bar, the various user guides, or take a look at the Tutorial Videos listed on the right of this page right now to see just how easy the system is to use.

To trial the system for 1 MONTH, for FREE*, click on 'Sign up' and follow the on screen instructions.  

We don't believe in the hard sell so if you don't wish to continue using the system after your free trial, then that's no problem and we guarantee you won't be hounded or pressured.  

If you then decide you'd like to continue using CO, the monthly charge of £19.95 will apply and if you'd prefer to pay annually, (less than £240), this can be invoiced so just say so.

 We look forward to helping you get your club and members better organised!

*  The only charge that will be made during trial period, is if any SMS messages are sent through the system, as included in the Terms & Conditions of use.




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