* External forms to help you

February 1, 2024 - Reading time: 2 minutes

A Possible Scenario : Your website offers a wealth of information to new enquirers, including a contact email address, or possibly even an initial contact form, but that then needs to be emailed, or printed off and then the person's details added manually to whatever data system you use.


Our solution : Design your own external form, using your choice of fields from the ones we provide, create the URL code to be added to your website for direct access, and once the form is submitted, the Super User who receives it can decide whether that person is eligible to be added to your database (within Club Organiser). If so, simply click the 'create member' button at the bottom of the form and all those details entered by the new member will automatically be integrated into Club Organiser and will be ready for you and your team to add to a squad/section, communicate with and do with as you please. If they're not to be added, simply delete their submitted form (after you've emailed them back to explain why, hopefully!)


The fields we offer for you to design your choice of integrated form, are already included within Club Organiser's database, so can be used in a variety of ways and for any number of forms you wish to create.


Within 24 hours of offering this new feature, one of our user Swimming Clubs produced the form shown below, and their members immediately started booking (and paying) to attend the event.