As consumers, we were all advised by the government that the PSD2 rulings regarding payment surcharging being banned came into force on the 13th January 2018.

It appears not all clubs/ members are aware of this ruling, and although we (Club Organiser) do not make any charges ourselves, we felt it best to remind clubs of their obligation to consumers to ensure that additional surcharges are no longer added to their members' payments. This is right across the board, and covers electronic payments of fees, one-off payments, fixtures, events, merchandise etc.

This won't make any difference to payments made by BACS or Standing Order, and the Direct Debits that have been set up already, had the option to turn 'on' or 'off' within the DD section of Club Parameters. To the best of our knowledge, all clubs currently using Direct Debit collection, have set them to 'off', and are already absorbing the cost, so no need to do anything else there.

The ability to switch charges on and off was already available when setting up fixtures, races, events and merchandise by use of the 'credit card fees charged to the member' radio button. We've also now added a similar facility within Club Parameters for charges on account balances, for members who pay their regular fees by credit/debit card and paypal.

As the 13th January has now passed, and this is now law, we've switched the account balances charge to 'OFF' for all clubs, so any charges levied by payment providers from here on in, will be absorbed by your club.

For those of you who don't have knowledge of how payments work, we're happy to explain…

We have always prided ourselves on the fact that Club Organiser do not, and have never, charged anyone a single penny for making payment transactions using Club Organiser software as a tool to do so, unlike many other software systems. The transaction fee is levied by the payment provider to the company receiving the payment. We (Club Organiser) do not actually receive the payment, our software simply provides the facility for clubs to take electronic payments and any monies are transferred direct to the club.

Going forward, our suggestions, for those clubs who don't want to absorb any transaction fees in future are:

1. Add any surcharge to your fees in advance, so that the amount paid already includes any additional charges up front and the members don't feel like it's being added on afterwards.
2. Add an 'admin fee' instead that will apply to a transaction and can be set at a level that covers any potential charges of any description that might be incurred. This will be particularly applicable for fixture entries. In order to enable this to be done, we are working to add an 'add admin fee' box to the set-up pages for fixtures, races events and merchandise this weekend and hope to have it live by Monday.



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th May 2018. We are preparing for this and will certainly have any necessary changes in place in time.

Many people are not aware what GDPR actually is, and it's impact, so to help you understand, please see here

From the 1st February 2018 we will be taking the steps necessary to delete entirely, all details of past members that are still contained within our Club Organiser database but who are no longer active, or have been marked as deleted from your club. This means that after that date Club Organiser will no longer hold ANY details for inactive (subject to members' leaving date) or deleted members, and we suggest that if you or anyone else in your club holds a spreadsheet of any sort, with members' personal details on it, that you do the same, as to be caught with such a spreadsheet could result in a massive fine in the future.

Our Website Privacy Policy is also going to be updated in line with the GDPR compliances in due course, and again, suggest that you make any necessary arrangements with your webmaster for your own club's privacy policies to be changed before the 25th May.