VIDEO TUTORIAL 4 - Create Bulk Email for Selected Group with Attachment


Sending Bulk Emails to chosen groups, or the club as a whole is one of the greatest advantages of using an online admin system.

Once your members are added/uploaded, you'll be able to ensure they're ticked appropriately to allow or disallow email contact.  Those members that agree to email contact, will be able to receive both individual and group (bulk) emails when selected.  If a member says No to email contact, you will need to arrange an alternative form or contact - letter or phone call/text to ensure they receive the communication.

Each member has the ability to store 2 email addresses - a primary email (theirs or their parent/guardian if under 18) as well as a secondary one for emergency contact.  An email being sent will always send to both email addresses if 2 are stored.

If you have any questions once you've watched this tutorial, please email us direct at and we'll reply to you asap.