VIDEO TUTORIAL 3 - Live Update/Amend Members' Details

The beauty of an online system that offers members access to their own details, is that they can take on the responsibility of updating and amending them themselves - especially medical information. (In an ideal world!)

There may well be occasions when a club officer such as membership secretary or treasurer or coach even, needs to update or amend the details for a member such as moving them from one class or section to another.  This is when you'll need to know how to find them, amend their details and save those changes for the future.

An important thing to remember, is that this is a LIVE system, so any changes, no matter who makes them, will be instant (as long as the 'save changes' button is clicked).  If someone already has the page open, they simply need to refresh it and the details being viewed by anyone on your team/committee will be up to date.