VIDEO TUTORIAL 2 - Add a New Member, manually


If you're a brand new club, starting from scratch, and you don't have an existing membership spreadsheet, you'll want to add your members one-by-one, so this is the tutorial to watch. This will also be the case if you're already up and running on CO, but have the occasional member joining that you will need to add manually. [We are hoping to offer online member self-registration in the near future as we are working on that presently]

There are a few pages that need to be completed, depending on how much initial info you have - you may want to leave adding in their banking details for later, or perhaps ask them to add their medical details direct themselves - the choice is yours, but there is a minimum amount of detail that must be inputted for them to actually be added to the system in the first place. Those fields are marked with a red * (asterisk).

(If you already have your membership spreadsheet and want to upload it into the system, it MUST be compatible with our template, which you can find by clicking on 'Member', 'Member Upload' and then clicking on the - spreadsheet 'here' hyperlink which you can then use as your master. All other upload instructions will appear on the screen at that time.)

If you've got any questions after watching it, please email us direct and we'll get back to you asap