We've received such a fabulous email message of thanks, that we want to share it, along with a link to the blog of our appreciative client - UK Be Strong.

Rick's email said :

Hi Paul,

Just a quick update and some feedback for you.

You are aware that we intend to create a new website for members so we can include premium content for them. Rachel and I have taken the decision that this will be for 'online subscribers' only and we will continue to use CO for our physical members attending group. We will simply give physical members a free 'online subscription' account too.

CO works perfectly for our needs and we simply could not have developed our groups to where we are today without it. The last 6 months with CO as our back office really has made such a significant difference.

So, thanks once again to you both for all that you do and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with CO.

Best wishes,

Rick and Rachel



and here's the link - take a look, browse their site for inspiration and then come back to us if you want us to help you and your business or club do better too!